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Young & Curious. Eager to learn. Water enthusiast. Does this sound like you? Great! Then join our Young Water Professionals Program at the Aquatech-China in Shanghai (31 May – 2 June 2018). 

Young Water Professionals (YWP) Program is designed to inspire young water professionals like you to explore the water world, get inspired by real cases, innovation and experienced professionals, Join us and meet like-minded people at the Booth 7.1H861 ‘Young Water Professionals Area’ during Aquatech China 2018. You are water and water is the future!

The YWP Program is designed for all young people and water professionals attending Aquatech China 2018 with the goal to attract and engage especially those under the 35 years of age. The program will kick off with the official Youth Water Program Opening Ceremony in the afternoon on the 31 May 2018. A high-level keynote speaker will share an inspiring story of their career in water sector. We will talk about why water is important and why the voice of the youth needs to be heard. The whole Youth Water Program will be introduced and participants will be invited to join all the different activities it offers. For the rest of the day youth will get a chance to share their insides and ideas on how to improve the water sector.

The whole day of the 1 June will be dedicated to Innovation in Water Sector. Youth will learn from seasoned professionals what are the current developments and innovations solving water related challenges. Afterwards they will get an opportunity to test their water related knowledge and we will find out who took the most interesting photo at Aquatech. The same day the Wetskills challenge and the winners will be introduced and youth will learn about how they can join as well.

The program will be wrapped up on 2 June as we take a look back and talk about all the highlights and new memories made. The results will be the input for other YWP programmes.

The Youth Water Program is your chance to learn, network with international young water professionals, connect and explore water sector in a fun way. Will you be there? 

Contact Andrea Kralikova ( for more information and registration.


(Note: Parallel and integrated to the Young Water Professionals programme is the Wetskills Water Challenge in China.)

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