Wrap-up Jubilee Celebration Wetskills 10 Years



Watch the special Jubilee wrap-up movie was compiled, about the impact and memories of Wetskills, (a must) see here.


Netherlands Pavilion at Dubai 2020 World Expo was the stage to wrap-up the Jubilee Celebrations of Wetskills. On this day, 16 January 2022, Rick Hogeboom (Wetskills Team) presented Johan Oost (Managing Director Wetskills Foundation) the Wetskills, ten years Jubilee Book on behalf of the Wetskills board and team. Rick and Johan had a short conversation about Wetskills at the Shanghai 2010 World Expo and what happened since. Also Wetskills Team member Ioana Dobrescu presented her memories about her first Wetskills event as supervisor (Wetskills-The Netherlands 2018) and two alumni participants (Evelien Martens, Wetskills-India 2015 and Naeema Ali, Wetskills-Denmark 2021) about their experiences.


The book presentation and Jubilee wrap-up was part of the overall programme of Finals & Awarding of Wetskills-United Arab Emirates 2022, see here (1.16.36hr – 1.58.41hr).

In coming weeks the Wetskills, ten years Jubilee Book will be available online.


The book presentation and Jubilee wrap-up was the last part of the overall celebration of 10 Year Wetskills. It started at the Amsterdam International Water Week in 2019 and was meant to end at the World Expo in 2020. Due to corona Wetskills added an extra year to celebrate its Jubilee. Amongst the festivities were online sessions with Organisers, Alumni and Partners. Also a special workshop was organized at the (online) Climate Adaptation Summit with several pitches from past Wetskills editions and an online workshop was organized to state the cooperation and impact with Southern Africa. All these movies (and more) about our Jubilee Celebrations are online on our YouTube Channel.

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