Wetskills-México 2019: Participant registration for this first edition



Wetskills Foundation and partners are looking for you, young water professional or student (local and international), wanting to share knowledge, work together finding great out-of-the-box solutions for water challenges! The first Water Challenge in México will take place from 26 August 26 to 5 September 2019. The Event is aligned to Aquatech-Mexico exhibition and conference, where the Finales and Awarding Ceremony of the Challenge will take place.


During a two-weeks program 25 students and young water professionals from Mexico and The Netherlands will work together in international, multidisciplinary teams to find innovative solutions for real water problems. Partner organizations and companies from Mexico and other countries will submit the water cases. Which team will find the best solution and win the challenge? The program will take place at the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico-city, with team-building, meetings with water experts, and field visits to interesting water projects in de region. The teams will present their solutions to the jury with a pitch and a poster.


Students and young professionals can apply now for participation. Interested in joining? For information and application, go to Wetskills-México 2019. Examples of cases and posters from previous Wetskills Water Challenges can be found at the website.

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Wetskills formula: international & out of the box

Wetskills ( is an independent Dutch foundation that organizes Water Challenges around the world. Overall goal: finding innovative solutions for current and pressing water challenges. While doing this, students and young professionals are learning in a unique way about international water challenges and intercultural cooperation.

Since 2010, about 35 events have been organized in twenty countries in Asia (China, South Korea, Taiwan, Kyrgyzstan, The Philippines, Indonesia and India), North Africa & Middle East (Oman, Morocco, Iran, Israel and Egypt), Sub-Saharan Africa (South Africa & Mozambique), Europe (Romania, United Kingdom & The Netherlands), North America (United States & Canada) and Latin America (Colombia).

About 700 students and young water professionals from many different countries participated in one of the Wetskills Challenges. They came up with creative solutions, working together in international teams. Various Wetskills solutions have already been applied, or are further developed in larger WetsNext projects.

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