Wetskills celebrates its 10 years anniversary (Home Isolation)



Exactly 10 years ago, 27 May 2010 the first Wetskills Water Challenge ever was held in Shanghai. Since, Wetskills literally traveled over the globe: making friends, co-creating ideas & solutions, contributing to water-events and making impact with 44 events in 23 countries worldwide.


27 May 2020: Wetskills Foundation invited all organizers of the 44 events (team members, local hosts, and close events organisers) to celebrate this moment in an appropriate ‘Corona-proof’ way: at home, but with the possibility to be connected to all our friends around the globe! 40 team members, ex-supervisors, local hosts logged in on ZOOM for an hour session. Ambassadors Ap Verheggen presented the latest results of his project SunGlacier (listen) and Kartikeya Sarabhai congratulated the Wetskills Foundation and explained his enthusiasm for the Wetskills method (listen).Wetskills Team members and involved in the first Wetskills event in China, Rick, Heikoop, Rick Hogeboom and Mia Zhemi, were answering questions about that specific event in Shanghai, but also discussed the results and their involvement in Wetskills later on.


Last but not least Phomolo Khonthu (Wetskills Team Member – Lesotho and working for Ministry of Water Affairs Lesotho) presented one of the success full WetsNext projects. This Wetlands Erosion WetsNext project aims to create erosion blankets in South Africa to put them upstream in Lesotho for mitigating the erosion and improving water quality (listen here).


A movie has been compiled with the use of compilation movies of past events with a ‘thank you’ for organizers!


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