Two new events in India



From 15 to 18 October a large business delegation from The Netherlands will visit India. This delegation will start in Delhi (at the Tech Summit) and will end  in Kerala (with Water Seminar a.o.). This delegation exists of several sectors, which each themes and topics to be discussed. Water will be one of the focus areas.


Wetskills Foundation has been requested to organise a Wetskills in Delhi firstly, but also one in Kerala later. At the moment Wetskills Foundation, and several partners in India and The Netherlands, is preparing two independent events that will run simulateously:


  • Delhi: 5-17 October, aligned to Tech Summit and part of the Lotus project / WETLAB in the Barapullah Drain, topics: (waste)water technology in urban areas and innovation: co-creating a testing and experiencing facility of the ‘WETLAB’
  • Kerala: 7-19 October, aligned to a Water Seminar with large delegation from The Netherlands and India as follow up of a Dutch advise after the huge flood events in Kerala of last year. The cases will be about Integrated  Water Management and Flood Resilience. 


We are looking for Indian and international candidates to register for these events. Join us in this great journey!


More info: or contact Johan Oost (

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