Special Resilience Challenge for Red Cross and Red Crescent



Wetskills Foundation was requested by the Partners for Resilience Programme to develop a tailored Wetskills look-a-like programme for Red Cross and Red Crescent staff members. This is alongside the General Assembly of the International Federation Red Cross: in Antalya from 3-9 November 2017.

As ‘resilience building’ is becoming an ever-more prominent focus within the Red Cross Federation, it is important to increase our understanding on the ways this can be shaped. One way of doing this is through joint, short-term exercises in teams with specialists from different fields and different countries: The Resilience Challenge. This Challenge is initiated by Partners for Resilience, an alliance that is led by the Netherlands Red Cross and that works on reducing disaster risk and strengthening community resilience in cooperation with Wetskills Foundation. The alliance bundles expertise in disaster risk reduction, ecosystem management and restoration, and the role climate. It has been active in a great number of countries since 2011.

During the six- days Challenge, participants will be placed in teams of three, with support from Wetskills and Partners for Resilience staff. It provides the participants with a unique possibility to meet RCRC staff from other countries, work together on dedicated, real-life cases, and to come with creative and out- of-box solutions that will be presented at the General Assembly (see: Draft programme) in a competitive setting. For the participants and their National Society it is an exciting opportunity to gain more experience on practical transdisciplinary and multi-partnership collaboration, and on presentation skills.

For more information: Johan Oost

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