SOMI welcomes Wetskills in South Korea



SOMI Wetskills Ambassador welcomes program & participants in South Korea. She stimulates the NextGeneration to come up with new #water solutions together!

Last year SOMI was inaugurated as Ambassador for the Wetskills programme in Leeuwarden, September. SOMI is a popular K-pop Artist in Korea and Asia, read more about her: Being a Wetskills Ambassador, she shares the values of Wetskills where young talents from various countries come together, work together for new solutions in water and be integrated and heard in the water-climate-sustainability sector.


The teams of This Wetskills edition will pitch their innovative solutions at the Korea International Water Week in Daegu. Join us on Friday 6 September 2019 at 10.00-11.15! More information and follow our experiences of Wetskills-South Korea 2019 in our daily blogs:



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