Preparing the Teambuilding to Lake Tisza in Hungary



Lake Tisza: one of the reasons to join Wetskills to Hungary!

Wetskills is preparing a three-day-long field trip to the beautiful Lake Tisza. The professional programs will include a guided visit to the dam, power plant, and fish ladder, while we also plan to introduce the plastic waste collecting process. Free time activities can also be part of the plan: rental bikes can be used to bike around the lake, while one can gain insight into the ecosystem through boat tours. A wide variety of Hungarian dishes are waiting for the visitors to try, and the beaches will allow us to cool down in the summer heat. In addition, the accommodation will take place on a boat, which further increases the experience!

Lake Tisza is the largest artificial lake in Hungary since the dam’s completion at Kisköre in the 1990s. It is an excellent example of how engineering can create ecologically valuable environments: the Lake provides habitat for many species (e.g., the day fly), and it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1999 related to the Hortobány National Park.

We are looking for participants, so join Wetskills-Hungary 2021. More information ( and registration:


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