Netherlands Ambassador visits Soil Erosion Blanket site in Lesotho



On Thursday 18 April, Ambassador Joanne Doornewaard, the Ambassador to South Africa and Honorary Consul to Lesotho, joined a delegation to visit the Lesotho Highlands Erosion Blankets Project. Joining her were Mr. Fanana (The ReNOKA programs coordinator), Phomolo Khonthu (Wetskills Alumni, Programme Manager, and ReNOKA Catchment Manager), Mrs. Malisema Fako (Engineer), and Mr. Taole Tesele (Technical Advisor). The visit aimed to, among other things, gain insights into the impactful work initiated from a case presented at the Wetskills South Africa 2018 edition in Cape Town.

Discussions during the visit centred on the land rehabilitation measures, notably the erosion blankets, highlighting the collaborative efforts of Wetskills. The project is now integrated into WetsNext. It has been inspiring to witness the active participation of the local community in these initiatives. Various community-driven projects and future plans aimed at sustainable development were also discussed. (YouTube).


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