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Creating input for some of the Wetskills cases of future events: as a new extracurricular Project

Some of the case owners of the Wetskills Europe Tour events (Hungary, Denmark and Romania) would like to start with their case NOW. With these partner, Wetskills Foundation created a new extracurricular project of eight weeks (called CaseBooster) where talents from various countries work -online- in teams on assignments by the case owners. The main aim of this CaseBooster is to create input for some of the Wetskills cases in one of the European Tour events. This could contain data gathering, finding inspiring examples worldwide, looking for partnerships, stakeholder analysis, business case research, first calculations, etc. The Wetskills team during one of the Wetskills events will go further with this information. (It is not necessary that the participants of the CaseBooster project are the same as the ones in the Wetskills team.)

Wetskills Foundation is inviting students (Bachelor, Master and PhD) and Young Professionals from universities and organisations worldwide with a passion for Water & Sustainability, to join the first (combined) CaseBooster programme (period: 18 January – 19 March 2021). You might use this in your study and ask your university for credit points! Join and register at the right of this page.

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