Join Finals Wetskills-Japan 2021 and #WaveToParis: Our Olympic learning experience!!



Save-the-Date: 5 August 2021 (09.00-11.40 CET / 16.00-18.40 JST)
Why?: After 6 weeks the three Wetskills Teams will pitch their results and discuss the outcomes with the jury.
And?: Our partners Dutch Wavemakers and DOB Academy will launch the WaveToParis initiative with activities related to (sailing)sport and water & energy.
Why more?: Our Wetskills Ambassador Kiran Badloe is aiming to be present at this session and hopefully showing a golden medal!! Also other sporters will be part of this meeting.
Ans who will be the Wetskills winner?: We will close this session with the Wetskills-Japan 2021 Awarding Ceremony!

This session is open for everyone, free of charge. It will be part of the TeamNL Tokyo digital Expo.

Register online for this Finals Wetskills-Japan event en #WaveToParis initiative.! More information about the Wetskills-Japan 2021 online.

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