EJWP Kicks Off at Water Innovation Europe Week



We* are proud to give you a sneak preview in the participating organisations and their young professionals of the first group of the European Junior Water Programme. From 10-14 June and at Water Innovation Europe you can meet our young talents for their first Kick Off Week in Brussels at the WssTP. (*We = initiators Nationaal Water Traineeship, WssTP and Wetskills Foundation)

The European Junior Water Programme offers Young professionals a unique opportunity to learn essential teamwork and collaboration skills and to build valuable networks at an early stage in their careers.

Sneak preview of two participating young professionals and their organisation:

Ingrid Keuper, De Watergroep, Belgium
‘I am passionate about (drinking) water ever since I have lived in an area were potable tap water was not readily available (Guatemala). I am currently working as an hydrologist for De Watergroep, in Flanders. I am joining the EJWP as I believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go out of my comfort zone to learn new things and meet new people. I strongly believe that within Europe many problems we face with regard to the water system are similar e.g. drought, pollution. Thus we can learn from each other and see how others tackle problems instead of reinventing hot water.’


Rosa Esposito, Isle Utilities, Italy

Isle Utilities is a globally active innovation consultancy in the water and wastewater sector. Their goal is to bring positive changes by connecting developers, users and other stakeholders early on, to enhance the uptake of innovative technologies and make the way we handle water future-proof. Isle is a matchmaker, facilitator, technology- and market specialist. Since collaboration and knowledge sharing across countries is at the heart of Isle’s activities, the participation to EJWP is a natural fit. Isle firmly believes in the importance of a more connected European water sector, inclusive and attractive for young employees and in the creation of a network of European professional in order to achieve a more sustainable and a safer water management system in Europe. Rosa works as Technology Consultant for Isle Utilities in the Italian team and really looks forward to the start of the programme.

Interested in more participating organisations and the young professionals? Meet them all at WssTP – Water Innovation Europe! Or keep posted on

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