Climate Resilient Sundarbans: Wetskills-India 2022



New announcements for 6th event in India

Look at the picture above, by Wetskills Ambassador Supratim Batacharjee,a prize-winning environmental photographer. This girl and her community is facing impact of climate change in the Sundarbans, a large wetlands area at the border of India (West Bengal) and Bangladesh. This large natural area (know for the Bengal tigers), but also important for saving the hinterland from flood events, is enormously threatened by climate impact as sea level rise and saline intrusion.

Climate Resilient Sundarbans is the central topic of the new Wetskills event in India. Together with Supratim, Indian, Dutch and worldwide partners, Wetskills is dedicated to bring local and international talents to Calcutta to co-create out-of-box and concrete solutions for a climate resilient Sundarbans. This Wetskills will run from 12 to 24 November this year. The participants will have a elaborated tour in the Sundarbans to experience climate these affected islands.

Are you interested to join as participant? Or do you know study friends or colleagues? Spread the word of this unique Wetskills Experience! Register online before 15 October. Find more information on our or contact Johan Oost.

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