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The next Wetskills Water Challenge is looking for last cases in Oman (or Gulf region). Wetskills Foundation and the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) with partners as MEDRC and Dutch Embassy will host a Wetskills Challenge in Muscat (from 15-26 March), with the Water-Energy-Food nexus as the central theme. There are still some cases open. So if your organisation has a water challenge that suits in the Omani context or you want to meet talented young water enthusiasts or you want to broaden your network in the Gulf region (Oman), join this great Wetskills event. Wetskills provides a great opportunity to get an out-of-the-box idea by a mixed team of water talents with the input of local experts.

Last months a large number of candidates has been registered and coming weeks the final selection will be made. The participants are from various countries (Oman, The Netherlands and Gulf region) and with a diverse background. So the team of 4-5 participants will be mixed, skilled and diverse, which is one of the basic needs for a good Wetskills result.

This Wetskills event in Oman is aligned to the World Water Day celebration in Muscat, both at SQU and MEDRC. It will be the first of probably three challenges in the Gulf region with the nexus theme, ending with a ‘grand finale’ during the World Expo 2020 in Dubai (which will be all about WEF!).

Oman is also a country with severe challenges, including droughts and water scarcity, water salinity and desertification. As one of the oldest human-inhabited places in the world, Oman now faces the impact of human development. Those challenges cannot be addressed without considering water, energy and food as an integrated whole (nexus) and Oman is very well aware of that. Oman and the rest of the Gulf region are excelling with their WEF nexus approach and this offers a great context for our next Wetskills Challenge.

For more information, read the Call for Cases Wetskills-Oman 2019 or contact Johan Oost (






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