Professional Tour



2021 Wetskills Netherlands

by Hayam Rashid Al-Balushi (Oman)


On Monday (25/10/2021), at 9:00 AM, all groups gathered together at the hostel to start the professional tour around Amsterdam with Waternet company guides. We did a lot of walking around the lower area of Amsterdam while it was raining. It is wonderful.

Guided by Mr. Frank from the Waternet company, we went to the maintenance area in Amsterdam where he told us about how the area was rehabilitated to be a suitable area for people to live in it. He told us that it was refilled by sand and paved to qualify it to build buildings. We walked around the area through the beautiful paths in one of the parks in the area, and took a lot of beautiful pictures.




Then he showed us sewage pumping station that takes sewage water from the houses through the pipes directly to water treatment station.




Then we went to the company and we met the president of the company who gave us a brief lecture about the company, mission and vision. After that we divided into groups to discuss the case they already gave us for the water challenge. Then we met experts online and discuss about case. Then we also met experience people in the company and discussed with them. It was a wonderful and useful dialogue. At the end, we left the company and divided into two group for dinner.


It was amazing and useful day with lots of fun.



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