Wrap up the Wetskills



Wetskills South Korea 2019 – 

by Khawon Lee (Sangmyung University – 


Can you remember the first day of Wetskills? It’s kind of awkward when we met at first at least for me. Maybe someone was nervous, others were exciting.

First day


We had tough weeks, but also, we had fun. Sometimes we had hard works, but looking backward, it was helpful to us. It was great that we worked first and hung out together on free time.



I tried to hang out as much as I can and teach some Korean things to others, but I’m not sure it worked. Hope it worked! Haha
In Daegu, I think moments in Daegu were parties. Even if the purpose of visiting Daegu is for Wetskills final and KIWW, I tried to hang out with people as much as I can.


We ate Korean barbeque, pork belly, Korean traditional meal and gorgeous buffet.



At first, when I involved the Wetskills, I didn’t expect these much. I thought, it’s only 2 weeks, there aren’t that much things to do in 2 weeks. However, when Wetskills is done, I learned a lot of things and made new friends for 2 weeks.

I always had blast when I with all of my friends, it was really hard to say goodbye.
How can I forget all these moments and people?



Dank je wel!
See you guys in Holland soon 

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