Working, working and Shisha at the End of the Night!



Muscat, Oman – 21 March 2019 – Wetskills Water Challenge Day 6

By Maryam Al Balushi (Petroleum Development Oman)


Today we were introduced to Rick Hogeboom, another Wetskills member, while  Johan went back to The Netherlands. Having him with us was really beneficial as he was a tremendous help for our water footprint case study. Described by Dr. Ahmed Al Busaidi as “A Google for Water Footprint” his presence will undoubtedly benefit all of us.

We spent most of our time dedicated to working on the case study and developing the paper and poster, following that up with lunch in the faculty club. After coming back from lunch, Rick was nowhere to be found, he actually got lost in the campus! Fortunately Dr. Ahmed managed to find him to everyone’s relief. By the end of the day a tour around Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) campus was decided on to ensure no one gets lost again.

At night it was time for a fancy dinner and some shisha. The weather was perfect for sitting outdoors and the air was filled with the sound of conversation and laughter as we shared plates of food and astonished our Dutch guests with the wide variety of fruit juices that we have available.

All in all a very lovely night and one to remember.


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