Work, work, work!!



Romania – 19  Sept 2021 – Wetskills Challenge day 9

By Sanziana Bituleanu (University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest)


After a crazy and fun night in the Old Town of Bucharest we had to come back to work. At 13:00. we met at the Dorm A10 and went to get a shoarma. It was really good. After eating we had to start brainstorming and explore our solution. After almost one week, my team finally found a good solution. And our case owner finally approved it!! You can imagine that we were very pleased. 🙂


We finally started working on the pitch, poster and paper!! We were a bit late with those but we managed to explain our idea. Because it was the weekend, the faculty was closed, so we went to the dorm, in the study room.


The other teams also worked on their pitch, poster and paper. Even though most of us were
exhausted after a night of partying, we managed to keep up the good work and finalize our
solutions! Also, Ezra started playing with the TV (it has a 3D option) and showed us some pictures from his hiking experiences. After that, Cristina showed us her dance moves.

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