Work, eat, sing, repeat



Wetskills South Korea 2022-

by Mathurin Mahé, Hz University of Apllied Sciences,

& Michael van der Lan, Hoogheemraadschap Delfland


This morning started with a few hours of typical Karaoke practice until early morning. This left us plenty of time to sleep and feel refreshed. 


After breakfast, we usually had our usual brainstorming session to start the day and see if anyone had any inspiration during the night. Today’s plan was to flesh out our solution to the case and bring all the ideas together. Our case (team number 1) aims to diminish gender inequality in the Asia Pacific area, specifically inequality due to water-related issues such as water scarcity and time poverty.


For lunch, we went to the cafeteria of university. As you have read in the previous blogs, it is amazing. The menu of this one is full of surprises as there are more meals than days in the week. Also, those delicious meals are typical Korean and freshly made which makes it a great experience. We had some Mul Naengmyeon which is a Korean cold noodle soup. It is a very fun experience as the noodles are served in a cold soup covered with ice.


After a digestive walk in the park next to the university, we headed back to work. After a brainstorming session about the case, we divided the tasks to work more efficiently. As the first deadlines are approaching, we brought all our ideas together and started the final products (paper, pitch and poster). Later in the afternoon, we had a meeting with our instructors. We wanted to present our work to get feedback from an external party. It felt a bit more like a real plan after presenting our idea, and we got some good advice to continue the process.


As we wanted to see more of the city, in the evening we headed to the Banpo bridge, (Rainbow bridge), to see the water fountains and lights show. A food market had just opened in the park next to the bridge, so it was almost like going to a festival. There were these huge queues of people patiently waiting for their food, which was carefully being cooked in little trucks with only one fire. We were glad we had already eaten some hotpot Bibimbap beforehand. After enjoying the show, we had some ice cream and we called it a day, which brings us up to date. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the update, see you later!


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