“Why did you join Wetskills and what are your expactions?”



Wetskills South Korea 2019 – 

by Dami Kim (Hongik University) – 

First of all, I thought that this Wetskills program would be a great opportunity to expand the scope of my thinking. And I expected that I could creatively develop my scientific thinking by interacting with people from abroad. I thought this interaction would be very helpful for the “Out Of Box” thinking method. These reasons may be seem so obvious but they are the most clear and simple reasons that I apply for this program. To be more specific, I wanted to improve my communication skills working as a team. It would be very special experience for me to create something and interchange my thoughts and experience with a variety of nationalities. Actually, I was a little afraid about a language barrier and was worried about myself. Although I decided to have courage and dare it to my face. I’m very thankful for this challenge and looking forward to it.

Among many blogs that i’ve looked into at Wetsills website, A.K. Azad’s BrainHurricane’s blog remained in my memory. I was impressed that he was not just focusing on the solution of the scientific phenomenon. But he thought about how to find solutions that could consequentially help humanity. I wanted to learn this attitude and I should not just focus on solving scientific problems, but I try to find social solutions that can help humanity as a result.

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