Blog of the day 2: Rotterdam



Wetskills-The Netherlands, 29th of October 2023 (by Abdul Rahman Al jabri from Oman)


Sunday 29th of October 2023, was full of fun and positive energy. the day started with gathering the group at the hostel. Then the supervisors divide us into teams of 4 and 5 people each. In the coming few days, those teams will be working on different cases. In addition, teams were created based on topics preferences of each one of us.

Crazy 88

After knowing each team, we started a game called 88, this was a team building game. Basically 88 written challenges were asked to be completed proofed by either photo or video in a certain time. Those were direct and out of box challenges. Moreover, when a challenge was a accomplished, photo must be sent in a WhatsApp group tailed by the number of it. Every team went out in the city for around three hours. The dead time was 1pm, so we gathered again and announced the team winner which was the team with most accomplished tasks out of the list.




Team roles test

In the afternoon, everyone did a test called team role test in this test helps and determine which team role suited everyone within the team. Also gave a chance to improve the weakness or less strength sides of each team. At the end of the test, it showed a result that we shared and discussed within the team. The obtained results helped us addressing each of us their roles.

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