Wettest Wetskills ever?



4th June 2019 by Vlad Pestritu

The day started by having breakfast at New Old Village Pub(BIRT). After that, we went at Prim Pass Cabin to suit up for Rafting with they guys from Green Adventure ( With suiting up being complete, we went at Green Camp base, change in rafting clothes, and went to the drop off on river Basca Mare and got the training in order to start rafting.

But right before launching our boats in water a heavy rain started with occasional hail. After the rain stopped, we started rafting. It was an amazing experience, but unfortunately we cut short the rafting due high level of water which made level 3 drop to be a level 5 drop and also tree trunks were passing us by. After that we got in the bus and wait in queue because the road was blocked by the water that was coming from the mountains really fast. After that we got back to Prim Pass Cabin were we had dinner at New Old Village (BIRT), and later in the night we gathered up for a BBQ.

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