Visit Nizwa Fort & Falaj Dhars water systems



Wetskills-Oman 2024 – Day 1 –

Our trip started with a drive from Muscat to Nizwa; it was an hour-long or so drive I wouldn’t remember because I may or may not have dozed off. Once we arrived, we kicked off the journey at Nizwa Fort, where we fell straight into the heart of Omani traditions. Forget about time machines; this fort is the real deal. The architecture of old forts always fascinates me. We met some locals, and a nice lady from Nizwa made us fresh Omani bread; it was filled with cream cheese and topped off with honey. Yum!

We then strolled through the vibrant Nizwa Souq, a place where every trinket and colorful fabric seemed to be on a mission to make friends with our wallets. Our taste buds, however, were the real winners as we indulged in various flavors of Omani halwa. The fig and walnut halwa definitely won.

Next on the agenda was a visit to Falaj Dhars. It turns out that water systems can be fascinating. Who knew irrigation could be this riveting? Spoiler alert: it can be!

Lunchtime was a feast and a perfect reward for our conquests so far. We refueled for the afternoon adventure.

As the day wound down, we capped off our Nizwa extravaganza with a visit to Oman Across Ages Museum.  It was like a journey through time, but with fewer time-travel mishaps. From traditional attire to ancient artifacts, we marveled at the rich tapestry of Oman’s history.

The history, the architecture, the yummy food—but on top of them all, great company! A day to remember.









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