The training was incredibly helpful



Day 3 – Oman 2023 –  Today we had the opportunity to distribute tasks, further our casework, and begin to discuss our final products. Revisiting our action plan, we were able to complete our foundational tasks as a group prior to delving into the more detailed research required of our project.

We were able to ask questions to our case owner, analyze notes from the Brain Drain session from the day prior, and located specific sites for our project using GIS. Ultimately, we were able to use the time in a productive manner and take significant steps forward in formulating a solution.

In a break from research, we all attended a training on creating our elevator pitches, posters, and papers. Articulating the final products of the case was incredibly helpful to our vision as a team, and we began to discuss who would present the pitch, what style of poster we preferred, and how we would proceed in writing the paper. It also narrowed our research, streamlining our ideas and allowing us to make critical decisions to develop an innovative and efficient solution to be presented at the end of Wetskills.

– by Caila McHugh

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