Tackling our case



Day 2 – Oman-2023 – On the second day of Wetskills, we learned which case we would be working on for remainder of the program. I was placed in the group tackling a case posed by The Water Authority Delfland. The area of Delfland is facing salinization as a result of sea water intrusion on the surface, due to rising sea levels coupled with extreme drought in the summer season, and saline water intrusion into ground water.

We dived into the details of the case and had the opportunity to ask clarifying questions to the case owner, Fleur, who works in the Innovation Department of The Water Authority Delfland. She was wonderful and encouraged us to look for inspirational means of combatting and adapting to brackish water environments. Afterwards, we met with water experts, from academics to working professionals, who also provided insight on salinization, both here in Oman and elsewhere.

At the end of the day, we had a game plan! It was a great experience, digging into our assigned case and getting to know my teammates. I’m excited for the days ahead!


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