Magnificent sunrise



Day 6 – Oman 2023 – After 5 days of hard work, the weekend arrived and all Wetskills participants had a day off. Time to have some fun! Us Dutchies planned to drive to Ras al Jinz on Thursday evening and luckily Jamal wanted to join us. How gezellig! Thursday night we saw turtles (a mom and a baby) at the Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve, which was amazing. Afterwards, the boys went to camp on a cliff by the sea. After a great sleep 😉, we witnessed a magnificent sunrise the next morning. As a special surprise we also saw some dolphins! We left Ras al Jinz on a quest for breakfast, which we found in a small supermarket (it consisted mainly of some very sugary stuff).

Next stop: the beautiful Wadi Bani Khaleed. It was the hottest time of the day, so we had a swim in the wadi to cool down. After a nice lunch there, we drove to the Wahabi Sands to do some very exciting (and a bit scary) sand dune bashing. Luckily, Jamal is a good driver and we survived! On the way to Jamal’s family we made an unexpected stop at a camel farm. The camels are bred for racing and we were given the chance to ride a camel. Let me tell you: you shouldn’t do that if you have a fear of heights.. Then, finally it was time for socializing and dinner at Jamal’s family house. The family was so welcoming, it was a really nice experience to be invited into an Omani family home. We saw all the farm animals and played football with the children. At the end of this lovely day full of activities we were quite tired, but also very satisfied. Back in Muscat, we all slept like a baby. Ready for the next fun day in Oman!

– Lisa

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