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Blog of 5th of March, Day 1 – Oman 2023 – The first full day of Wetskills Oman 2023 was a breathtaking journey. We explored the wonders of Oman on our day trip that started at 7:30 AM to Aldhakeliah. Here, we were awed by the stunning views of the rugged mountains and landscapes. We visited the old city of Nizwa and the iconic Nizwa fort, where you can immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Oman. Also, we could have a taste of haluwa in the Nizwa suq.

After a short rest and lunch, we went to Dares falaj, a marvel of ancient water engineering that dates back to 500 AD. Here, all participants also had the opportunity to let their feet wash by small fish in the nearby stream. Later, we visited the charming village of Mesfat Alabrien, with narrow alleys and quaint houses, stunning architecture and a peaceful atmosphere.

Finally, we concluded our journey with a visit to the Alhamraa traditional Suq. Here, we had the opportunity to eat Omani bread, luqaimat and drink some karak or traditional Omani coffee. As the sun sets, we returned back to Muscat with memories to last a lifetime and a great first day of Wetskills Oman!

– written by Hajer and Thijs

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