Back to work and a Meet & Greet….



Day 7 – Oman 2023 – After a nice weekend where everybody had the chance to visit family or go on a trip we continued our work at SQU.

There was work to be done for the pitch, poster and paper. We did the first practice round for the pitches. It was great to hear the practical and innovative solutions all teams came up with. Everybody gave each other helpful feedback. We are looking forward for the finals and present our cases coming Wednesday.

In the evening it was time for fun. We had drinks at a café in the harbor of Al Mouj, a fancy looking area along the beach in Muscat. Jamal prepared a nice surprise for us, he planned a meet and greet with his brother, Ali Al-Habsi. Ali was a professional football player who played in the Premier League and played over 100 games for the national team of Oman. We had a chat and took some photo’s with Ali, it was a great surprise.

Later we had a dinner at the beach. Ibraheem brought Mishkek, a very nice dish. It was a nice experience to eat all together on the beach.

Then, time for bed, after another great day of the Wetskills program.

– Afrah Al-Tamimi and Wendel Schenk

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