Day 3: fun, work & energy



Wetskills-Oman 2020 – by Said Humaid Salim Al Asmi –

Early morning all groups worked to submit the action plan for the case study as per the deadline. A lot of discussions was going on with the supervisors. Really it was a great time to work with different experts, engineers, and students.


In the afternoon, each group was worked on the case study and they made brainstorming on how they can find the best solution to solve the case study in the perfect way.


During the evening, we had a wonderful time on the beach with all the teams and supervisors as one family. We did a BBQ and some Omani food. All members from the Netherlands liked Omani food and they want to experience more. In the end, it was a very long day with a lot of fun, work,  and energy.



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