Wetskills NL – BrainHurricane #04 Delft



Day 7 – It’s the end of the first week and we all have to prepare ourselves well for the next week, which starts at Rotterdam Central Station. There was a sad beginning before going to Delft, it is about Hamed. He has to go back to his county and have to say goodbye with us early because he has to take care of his job in Oman.

After hamed left from Rotterdam, we have to find out the process of getting a ‘OV Chipkaart’ to go to Delft. Some participants have trouble with their card and cannot get inside the station.

When we arrived in Delft, we went to Hoogheemraadschap Delfland. HH Delfland near the city center is housed in a beautiful old building and take care of maintenance of dikes and dams, water level control and water quality control. On there, we learned from a wide range of experts. The experts told us more about how we can focus on making our ideas. There are some critics and suggestions from them that can improve our mind and motivate us to think out of the box. After that it was time for a group picture together with all experts.

After leaving HH Delfland, we went on a small trip through Delft, guided by Kees Paalvast from HH Delfland. We saw some churches and the city center. Further on we walked to Delft University of Technology. On there, we are brought to some laboratories and learned a lot about the work going on from a PhD. After that we visited water laboratory and the expert explained about the water quality system, how to make its experiment working and how the water could be cleaned and filtered.

After the round tour in the laboratory the Wetskills teams went upstairs to work on their study cases. We have to decide and combine all the ideas and make it into  a serious idea, because tomorrow we will try to give some pitches to another groups. After three hours of hard work we prepared at 5.30 and left to Delft Station to go back to Rotterdam Centraal. We went walking to Delft Centraal and took some pictures, because this is the impression experience in Delft. Arrived at Rotterdam Centraal, we were walking outside around 10 minutes to look for food, have dinner and slept well for the next day.

By Ahmed Amr Mahmoud and Sholeh Abdurrohman

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