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2021 Wetskills Netherlands

by Miruna Ilieș (Romania)


Each team started their day by working on their cases. For several hours, everyone worked together to meet their goals. By now, we had gone through some intense training and researching, and we are even more dedicated than when we started.



After all the intense work, we took a break to fully enjoy all the light that the sun had to offer; we went on a bike adventure!

But before that, some of us received lessons on how to ride a bike.




The experiment failed, but we gained lots of memories.


The  trip was wonderful with lots of beautiful views, national parks and bridges to cross; and most importantly, it was fun! By biking to different spots, we visited many interesting projects that were implemented in the area or that are going to be implemented in the near future. At the end, we also gained more knowledge on the developments in the area while enjoying the view from the rooftop of the local hotel.


Upon returning to the hostel, we decided to end our day the same way we started it: working on our case studies.



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