Visiting AQUA TECH



2021 Wetskills Netherlands

by Lamya AL Jabri (Oman)


On Monday, the 1st November 2021, we gathered at the hostel to work on our case studies as usual and the weather was colder than yesterday, but the sun fully covered the city. My team looked fresh in the morning with full energy to work hard and that’s probably because we chose to setup and work on the couch than normal
We arrived the AQUA TECH and all participants received the guide and informative books at the entrance to get more insight about the AQUA TECH.
While others attended the Battle of the Gladiators by AquaTech, Team 1 (heavy rain case) had an online meeting with their case owner.
At the end of this day following the networking and official opening ceremony for AquaTech, all the teams went to an Iranian restaurant to have dinner while myself and other Omani girls had late dinner at the hostel. That summarises the end of our beautiful day.

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