Sunny days and the Crazy 88



2021 Wetskills Netherlands

By Karabo Mokoena (South Africa)


The sun welcomed us like a warm hug to Zeemburg, as participants from different cities met and warmed up to the upcoming week of authentic learning and international networking. After a tram trip to the city centre, participants enjoyed a boat ride around the beautiful city of Amsterdam and learned about its amazing.


To break the ice and to encourage socialising between participant, we were subjected to a crazy 88 game challenge between two teams, that required us to do some “questionable” tasks that were fun and definitely showed the competitiveness of some members. We had tree hugging, serious marking, and innovative ways to make sure we knew the covid rules and the appropriate way to wear a mask during a pandemic.


To end the beautiful day, we had a fun and interactive dinner at a lovely restaurant to start the programme with a bang!

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