First Beginnings



2021 Wetskills Netherlands

by Giovanni Arah van de Weg


Today was one of the first days of working on our challenges. After team building for the first few days, it was nice to start working on the project and to really think out the next steps in the Plan of Action. It gave us guidance and direction as to what to focus on and where to go. I am sure all groups have made good progress with regards to the challenges. But then it’s always to remember that a plan is a plan, and for plans to work – sometimes you need to be flexible enough to change the plan. As in the words of Marcel: “The schedule [planning of the week], is flexible. You can make the plan, change the plan. If you have good ideas, change the plan because the plan is not rigid, and it can be changed.”


Today I also met Odwa. Good vibes, amazing guy. And here I was, thinking I could speak many languages. Turns out this guy speaks around eight.. And what’s even more interesting, he’s able to speak languages with clicks in it. Yes you heard it right, clicks. C L I C K S. That’s freaking amazing. Now you might think (like I did), how are clicks written phonetically? Well, I checked it for you and wikipedia gives me the following phonetic writing: ʘ ǀ ǁ ǂ ǃ


After a day of hard working with the team, I teamed up with Loay to get some food. As two hungry lions we were searching the streets, looking for some kebab to set our pawns on. Luckily we didn’t have to hunt for food – nowadays you have oases of kebab tents, especially around Javastraat. We found a promising oase, and there I was, eating a Kapsalon. Loay looks puzzled as he scans the weird looking plate of food and asks “what is that?” and I answer him “It’s the best food there is”. And I couldn’t help but thinking: “If I had taken a picture and eaten this Kapsalon a couple of days earlier, our team might have won the crazy 88 challenge”.

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