Intercultural cooking night!



Mexico 2023 – blog day 5 –

Today on the fifth day of our Wetskills journey we had started the day at the university with a presentation on Dutch water management, given by one of the Dutch participants. After this presentation that was packed with information and a humorous nod to what might be the most tense moment in Mexican-Dutch relations: the 2014 World cup penalty, the groups had time to work on the cases. We also had a presentation with more information about the poster and pitch we have to have ready for the final day at Aquatech.

At the end of the day, we went to the supermarket to get groceries for the highlight of the day: an intercultural cooking night! We gathered in the university kitchen to make typical foods from our respective countries, Mexico and the Netherlands. The Mexican participants made enchiladas and the Dutch participants made pancakes and apple pie. After showing off our cooking skills, we enjoyed a shared dinner. It was a very successful and delicious cultural exchange!


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