Just like water, every day brings its own flow



Mexico 2023 – blog day 3 –

Today was a day filled with excitement, learning, and bonding. From the early hours of the morning to the late evening, every moment was packed with activities that brought us closer together and taught us something new. Here’s a rundown of what we did today.

Activity Name: Plan of action
Description: Planning all the action we need to make in order to get to the main goal of each case.
Highlights: Discussing the plan of action with supervisors and receiving really good feedback.

Activity Name: Working on cases
Description: Making great team progress after having our investigations worked out.
Highlights: Learning from each other, we took a lunch break and met new people.

Activity Name: Belbin Test
Description: A psychological assessment designed to measure an individual’s preferred role when working within a team
Highlights: Share any memorable moments or achievements during this activity.

Key Learnings
Insight #1: Communication Skills (Perfectly Balanced Teams)
Insight #2: Learning Spanish and Dutch terms
Insight #3: Transboundary discussions

Highlight of the day: hanging out after long time working

Another day, another ripple in our Wetskills journey. Just like water, every day brings its own flow – sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent, but always moving forward. As we wrap up today, I’m reminded of the simple joys and challenges that come with everyday explorations. Whether you’re diving deep into water-related topics like us, or just navigating the currents of daily life, remember to take a moment to reflect, learn, and appreciate the journey. Until tomorrow, keep making a splash!

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