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Mexico 2023 – blog day 2 –

After a first day that focused on getting to know each other and the campus of Universidad Panamericana, the challenge of day 2 is to dive into the topics as quickly as possible. Therefore, the day was all about the introduction of the cases by the case owners and “speed dating” with the experts. After a short round of introduction on the cases it was time to pose a lot of questions to the various experts who were present online and offline.

It was a pleasure to have both Paulina and Joris from the Dutch Embassy in Mexico City, and José from Centro (CEIAP) joining us for the speed date sessions. Besides them being present at the university, Roberto from UCY Mexico and Jorge from Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier were able to check in online. They did not only help their own group, but also were able to give their perspective on the other cases that the other groups will work on.

This edition of Wetskills has four interesting and different cases to wrap the heads around. One of the groups is diving into the wastewater that is formed in the process of producing Tequila, another group is looking into the water footprint of avocado production in Mexico, the third group will focus on a solution for the water system issues in Tlaxcala and the last group will dive into the challenges around developing a new airport in an area that used to be a lake.

After a break the students took part in a workshop around the Sustainable Development Goals provided by Joaquina from the Universidad Panamericana.

All in all it was a day filled with knowledge sharing and trying to find out the exact problem definition. At the end of the day, the participants could start their challenge with a broad range of new insights. Thanks to the case owners and the experts!

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