Exploring Katse Dam



Lesotho 2023 – Friday Day 7 – blog by Mokhali –

Today was a day of exploration and learning within Wetskills. As participants we set out from Metebong Lodge on an exciting trip to Katse Dam, eager to witness its natural beauty and gain insights into LHDA’s goals under the 1986 treaty. Approaching Katse Dam, its beauty took our breath away. The glistening water and towering dam were amazing. LHDA’s detailed briefing enlightened us about the purpose and historical importance of the dam.

We then left Katse and headed to Leribe with the aim of witnessing erosion blanket pilot built within the Hlotse catchment. However we did not reach the erosion blankets due to time, but fortunately got to see degraded lands within the catchment, underscoring the environmental challenges that Hlotse catchment faces. It was a wakeup call of the need for sustainable actions.

We then returned to Maseru, filled with reflection and gratitude. The day imparted valuable lessons, motivating us to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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