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Wetskills Kerala 2019 – by Elsa Anna Simon –


I’m an Urban Planner with Architecture background, currently working as Assistant Professor at College of Architecture Trivandrum (C.A.T). Being witnessing the floods affected in Kerala, I had been looking for an opportunity to work on the resilience of cities. It was the right time wetskills 2019 was announced for addressing the similar concern.

Iam glad being the part of two weeks think tank program with problem solving and brain storming exercises. We are a group of 14 delegates including both International and domestic participants. This is the third time wetskills is being conducted in India, the venue for 2019 is JDT Islam Campus at Calicut.

Day 1 had begun with routine session of prayer and welcome by the host. I being a resident of Calicut the joy and bliss was reflected on my face and the same has been shared on the session “how do you feel”. Apart from it there was a formal introduction by each delegates and a statement on their take on wet skills 2019 was shared. It was in a jiffy the group started to exchange thoughts and interests, which was made possible by our coordinator Ioana making us play game called “Photo Game”.



A special mention for our local host Professor Sunitha and her team for excellently treating all the delegates. As known among Keralites, Calicut is known for its hospitality and richness in food, which was once again proved by the hosting campus.



Team work can only be achieved with a good rapport between participants, to have a good start all the delegates were taken for a city tour to the must visits in Calicut. The time was an arena for interacting each other and also the attempts to learn Dutch from international participants and teach Malayalam made the evening filled with laughter and fun. Looking forward to gain more experiences and contribute well in rising Kerala from floods.




(Architect/Urban Planner)

Assistant Professor

College of Architecture Trivandrum

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