Last day Calicut, chalo, chalo with the results!



Wetskills Kerala 2019 – by Twan Smitskamp and Febin Jacob


Time is flying when you’re having fun. Today was the last day of working on the project aswell as spending our time in Calicut. Luckily for us we got this morning a very nice typical Kerala breakfast with just enough for everyone;).


With our full bellies we started the day to finalize the poster, papers and of course the pitch! Because of our perfect time management during the project we were all quite relaxed and did’t feel that much of pressure. Some of us wrote in the reports while others practised their pitch in front of team members or just on their own.

Around one o’clock we got enlighted by another tasty lunch with some nice Chapathi’s (typical India flat bread), chicken and veg curry topped with a pappadam. After lunch the most groups were almost finished and satisfied with their progress. Only some minor changes and it could be handed in towards our supervisor. Such a relief! To celebrate this moment, some dutch candies (pepernoten) came on table togehter with coffee and the stress from the last days;).

In the afternoon we had been invited to a showaround in the campus of the JDT Islam polytechnic college. We started with the digital library which had almost every books related to engineering. We took a photo with the staffs and was uploaded to offical college page. Then we visted different labs like automobile lab, mechanical lab, hyrdaulics lab,  pnuematic lab, civil and PLC lab. It was quite surprising the labs were well eqipped and maintained. Staffs and instructors were happy and exicted to explain us the working of each machine and equipment. Automobile lab which was funded by Toyoto Japan was standing out from the other labs. It was quite a good and informative tour we experienced.

Our last evening is Calicut was just getting to start when some of us came with this unique idea to have a photoshoot. So, 500 photo’s and a lot of funny moments later we took the auto-rikshaw to the the mall (name) for having some perfect dinner with a part of the group. Unfortunately not with everyone, some of us already went to Kochi by ca rand will join us tommorow afternoon.


With some new (and lovely) memories, full bellies (again?!) and a small fight about money with the auto-rikshawdriver we arrived safely back on the JDT campus and could start packing cause the day after we will have to take the train at 06:30 a.m. Lucky us!


From chapathi with love,


Febin & Twan


p.s. Chalo, Chalo is hindi for Come on! Hurry, Hurry. So whenever you are in need of rushing and the driver isn’t that taking serious, you know what to say.

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