A productive day at ‘school’



Wetskills Kerala 2019 – by Maarten de Vries –


The fifth day of Wetskills Kerala started like a typical day at school: wake up at 8:00, finally get out of bed at 8:15, have some (Indian) breakfast at 8:30 and get to school at 9:00. But on an average school day people are less productive than the participants of Wetskills. After the BrainHurricane and the expert meeting of yesterday, it was time for action. All of the four teams started to make a plan of action, divided tasks and in some cases a Skype call with the case owner was needed to understand the actual problem.


The typical Indian lunch, which was served on a banana leaf (and in some cases very spicy), gave the teams renewable energy to continue with the case. Many discussions later, the last course of the day was about teamroles and groupwork.


At five o clock the school day ended. Normally everyone goes home, take some rest and have dinner with the family. But today we had no dinner at home, but with our new ‘Wetskills family’.  We went to a good restaurant with as slogan ‘Beyond your expectations’. This expression deserves to be taken as the description the  Wetskills experience!



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