A hard day’s work



Wetskills Kerala 2019 – by Arshad Anwar –

The 6th day of Wetskills started with a lot of work. The teams were all picking up from yesterday’s activities. For our team, I was chosen to type the Memo so I spent a good chunk of the day on completing it in a quaint little room. My teammates were busy preparing the poster too. The lunch for the day was provided by JDT Institute and everybody sat and ate together.

Xiaoxuan tried on a saree today. Everybody thought she looked good (and she did). Also Maarten shared a sweet from the Netherlands with us. It tasted different from the sweets available in Kerala but it was savoury and tasted good. Zachariah and Febin liked it too. By the end of the day everybody was excited, for a day of liesure lay ahead.

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