Brain Hurricane at JDT!



Wetskills Kerala 2019 – by Denny J Dilip –


It’s the third day of the Wetskills programme. The teams have been decided, the cases have been assigned. Everybody is nervous, excited to be working within their group with a mix of nationals and internationals. It was go time. The teams put on their thinking caps and started the Brain Hurricane session in the programme. Teams were passionately discussing with each other, to find a solution/ to find a plan that will lead them into a solution later on. After racking up their brains for the past 3 hours, the Wetskills programme brought in the cavalry (the field experts) to reignite our passion and to provide us an informative direction that can be taken to arrive at a possible solution.


The field experts gave us a brief introduction about themselves and also shared some of their thought on the matter of the floods in Kerala. They were really impressed with the diversity of talents gathered at Wetskills to attack the cases head on. After the field experts were introduced on the values of Wetskills and a brief introduction of the cases by the participants, the Wetskills coordinator sounded the start for the Speed Dating session. All the teams were eager to have talks with the experts. Every expert had 10 minutes with each of the teams; some teams also tried to squeeze in some extra time with some of the experts but were stopped by our coordinator and the discussion went on.


The experts were imparting their vast knowledge and experience to the young minds of the wetskill 2019 (Kerala) and the participants were absorbing it like a sponge. After the speed dating session all, the teams were left wanting more. All the teams struggled to note down all the different information and thoughts that the experts have provided to them. The session was over and all the teams were now able to see the different angles by which they could see their cases in a different light and every participant left the meeting room with a renewed sense of passion in their hearts.





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