Training with 5 Water Specialists (and Food poisoning)



Jordan, 15 August 2023 – blog by Ameer Alawneh, Palestine –

Hello my name is Ameer Alawneh, I am a civil engineer at the Palestinian Water Authority, and I am participating in Wetskills Jordan.

My day started with breakfast at 8:20 since I was feeling sick from the previous day. I got a light breakfast with my roommate then went to the lobby. Most of my colleagues couldn’t get out of their room because of the food poisoning, so I helped pass some medicines on to them.

At 12 we went to ACWUA to begin our training with 5 specialists in water sector, each had their own specialty utilities, management, maintenance, etc)

We had 10 minutes with each specialist, the advices we had were really insightful and helped us make steps in the right way.

After finishing up the meeting we went back to the hotel where we continued working and chilled in the lobby untill 8PM, after that I went to a cafe in downtown and ordered an ice coffee. Downtown Amman is a very colourful and rowdy place so it reminds a bit of Palestine which make me feel like home here.

I reached the hotel at around 12PM and headed straight to my room to sleep.

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