Day of shared insights and teamwork



Jordan, 16 August 2023 – blog by Shahed Al-disi –

A memorable day unfolded, where the atmosphere buzzed with creativity and collaboration. The energy was noticeable, as participants engaged in brainstorming sessions and teamwork exercises. Amidst the dynamic discussions, a delicious spread from Little Caesars, fuelling conversations and appetites. The true magic lies in the bonding between groups, as diverse minds united to tackle challenges. Teams worked with each other and helped each other to give a different perspective on the cases.  With each passing moment, the participants felt less lost, gradually finding their bearings in the sea of ideas. Working together, solutions emerged for the cases, transforming mere concepts into actionable plans. This day of shared insights, teamwork, and delectable pizza underscored the power of collaboration and ingenuity, leaving everyone inspired and eager for more.

A new expression was shared in Dutch, “mijn maag knort,” which added an international touch to the day’s interactions in addition to different expressions in Arabic in accents from around the middle east such as Algerian, Egyptian, Omani, Iraqi, Palestinian, and Jordanian. It was the second day of training ACUWA, and the internet finally works which made working much easier. Unfortunately, some participants started feeling sick toward the end of the day, so the session was wrapped.

Our team member, Albatool, generously presented each group with a sustainable product she crafted under her brand “Talu,” showcasing a thoughtful and kind gesture on her part.

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