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Jordan – 19 August 2023 – blog by Baraa –

I woke up at8:00 AM and was so excited to train and get a new experience. Then I’m arrived in the Water, Energy and Environment Center that Dr. Maha started, to introduce us to the University. Then a new collegague in the team started to introduce himself and get to know us, after that we started as a group.

My team and I worked on our case and discussed it, and each of us presented his ideas and discussed them with us, and we divided the tasks. Sheelan and I went to Rawabi Farah, and we met Engineer Zaid and Engineer Muhannad, and they received us with respoect. They answered our inquiries and gave us advice that helped us. It was a very enjoyable experience, it was awesome. We returned to the team an hour and a half later, at 12;24 PM, and we told them about the meeting. We started collecting information to write about our case and discuss it. After that, Shaylan and I started working on the poster, and I was answering some questions asked by my team, Ziad and Timo. It was time for lunch, and it was delicious, but not the best thing. After lunch, we continued our work. Until 4:30 PM, then the day ended and each of us went to our place of residence.

After I arrived home after an long and enjoyable day full of events and information, I rested a bit and spoke with my nephew, who I love very much, on a video call, since he is not in Jordan 🙁

Then I started working with Sheelan on the poster and writing some of the tasks that were assigned to me and discussing them with an engineer from Rawabi Farah, because I am trying to take real information for our case. And I will write this blog, and then I will go to sleep, and this is how my day ends.

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