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Copenhagen, Denmark – 26 August 2021 – Wetskills Challenge Day 12

By Renske Nollen (DIJK53)


Today was the last Wetskills day. We went to the university early in the morning to practice our pitch a few times (or more). Around 9:30, all the invitees arrived. We were welcomed by Ronja, Inge, Johan and May-Britt. In the morning we listened to the presentations of the guest speakers. Meanwhile, the nerves rose for the pitches.


After the coffee break it was our time. The three different groups presented their project. Everyone had put a lot of energy into the pitch. Thereafter, all invited guests were able to view our posters. The various guests and jury members were able to ask questions. All the posters looked interesting!

After the morning program (and a great lunch!) it was time to take the boat to the ambassador’s residence. During the sight-seeing boat trip we could see the little mermaid and of course the more interesting parts of Copenhagen. Once we arrived at the residence, we were welcomed by the ambassador of the Netherlands in Denmark. Johan showed his aftermovie and then it was time for the jury! Group 3 won! They had been working on making Rotterdam and Copenhagen climate-adaptive. The jury was impressed by their out-of-the-box ideas.


After our final day we were all very tired, but because it was the last day we still had to drink a beer. We still enjoyed a pizza from the local pizzaria, which had to be eaten outside in the rain due to the corona rules. It was a very nice and interesting day (and two weeks)!

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