Pre-presentations and start of WISA



Wetskills-Durban 2024 – Blog Day 9 & 10 – 

Day 9; Monday morning, all we could talk about over breakfast was the pitch and the readiness of the posters. The questions that were going around the room amongst the groups were: “Are you ready, who is pitching, and are the posters done’’. We got to DUT and used Lecture Hall 204 to polish our pitches, and by 11 am the pitches started. Each group tried their best and received feedback from the experts and the floor at large. As it was a practicing session for pitching, we obtained commentary regarding the time, the content, and also the flow. Certain experts told the groups what needed to be changed and how we could better our pitches. After lunch, it was time to shoot for our Ad. We sat as groups deliberating on how we would deliver our creativity to capture people’s attention to attend our session.

Day 10; The anxiousness in the room was immeasurable as the groups prepared for the final pitching practice. Each participant was having a bittersweet moment as tensions rose high. We all wanted our main pitcher to understand our pitch fully, the pressure of speaking in front of people is always unmatched. As the groups pitched, the feedback from the floor showed that there were tremendous improvements in not only the pitches themselves but also the background work and effort put into the final work delivered. This eased the pitchers and the groups at large

The WISA welcome cocktail event was a breeze. The ambiance was relaxing. This was soothing to the team even though the thought of Wetskills finals was always lingering in our minds. It was a nice event for networking and meeting new people over some refreshments and delicious food. We had in-depth academic chats on topics ranging from items presented in the duration of the program to other issues impacting society in general and eventually exchanging contact information.