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Wetskills-Durban 2024 – Blog Day 6 –

Pitch and Poster Training

The training took place at eThekwini Water and Sanitation Head Office. The objectives of the lessons were to ensure all groups were ready to prepare to pitch and present a poster. The lessons covered the development of a poster, with intend focus on the colour-font texture in a poster, the distribution of information and graphics, and the need for a poster to speak for itself before being presented. The pitch lessons focused more on individuals presentation skills during presentation and time management. Previous Pitches were used as examples of how it should look like together with what is expected from each team.


The groups joined an excursion journey at 12:00 in the afternoon to the Darville Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pietermaritzburg. The plant was recently upgraded to a 100ML/D with operating capacity that range to 70%. The plant is constructed with a potable water treatment plant using advanced technologies such as ultrafiltration, the use of Ozone, and Electrolysis to treat the effluent to potable drinking water standards that comply with SANS 241:2025, however, the water produced is only 2ML/D which cannot be distributed to the people. Most of this water is used within the treatment plant.

Nelson Mandela Memorial/Capture Site

The 2024 Wetskills Challenge-Durban groups visited the Nelson Mandela capture site to learn about some of the tangible historical products for Nelson Mandela that are still kept to date.

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