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Wetskills-Colombia 2024 – Blog day 4 –

As compared to the previous days, this day started rainy. We decided to take a taxi to the university, which was a nice alternative to the 30-minute walk in tropical temperatures. Most of us are still not used to this heat!

Once at the uni, we started working on our cases again. The plan for today was to finish our action plans, so we could receive feedback on it and go on from there by thinking about solutions for our different water management cases.

Although we didn’t have a field trip today, we did enjoy the beautiful views from the hallways. From there we could spot parrots, hummingbirds and iguanas.  Accompanied by a Colombian coffee and an arepa (or ‘fried circle’ as one of the participants called them). A nice way to clear our head a bit from the wicked problems we are working on. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any perezosos, although some of the classmates looked like one by the end of the day.

We’re getting to know each other more and more every day. So sometimes this results in doing weird poses and handstands in the classroom. Nothing more important than a good laugh once in a while, right?!

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